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Enseignant au CRR d’Aubervilliers de 1992 à 2018.

Enseignant à l’Ejma de Lausanne de 1992 à 2012.

Créateur d’une méthode de violon en 2 volumes:  "Le Jazz au Violon" (volumes 1 et 2 - Ed. Lemoine)
- Teacher at the CRR in Aubervilliers 1992 to 2017.
- Teacher at Ejma in Lausanne from 1992 to 2012.
- Creator of a violin method in 2 volumes at Ed. Lemoine "Le Jazz au Violon"
Pierre Blanchard offers an orchestral work followed by a concert on scores arranged by him around the music of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.
The orchestra is made up of a gypsy jazz trio, a string formation (vlns, alti, celli, double basses) with Pierre conducting and as soloist.
The minimum level required for the orchestra is 2nd cycle.
The rehearsals planned before the final event also include an introduction to swing and bowing technique. Notions of improvisation are also approached from very simple harmonic diagrams (Minor Swing), allowing student solos during the concert.
Most melodies are played by the strings as well as tutti using esthetics and jazz technique.
Below are some moments captured during a concert with the student orchestra of the Saint-Priest (69) conservatory and the "Swing It!" Trio; (Lucas Territo (g), David Delassus (g), Christophe Gauvert (cb))
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