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This project is a collection of movie themes arranged and orchestrated by Pierre for :
Violin, Gypsy Quartet, Strings Orchestra + Clarinet.

It is a great pleasure and a great honor for me to be able to present to you this new album recorded with this fabulous orchestra. An unforgettable musical and human experience!
       Album to be released on November 3rd 2023


Concert at Bal Blomet - Paris

Some of the film scores arranged by Pierre :
The Godfather, Cinema Paradiso, Thomas Crown Affair, Schindler's List, Midnight in Paris, Love Story,
I'm Singing in the Rain, Old Boy...

Pierre Blanchard: solo violin
Samson Schmitt: lead guitar
Ludovic Beier: accordina, accordion
Philippe "Doudou" Cuillerier: guitars
Antonio Licusati: double Bass

Cinema Paradiso

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